The Dark Knight Casino Slot

There is tradition that if anything becomes famous it is mostly being followed or it becomes the brand of anything. It is very much followed by the world of pokies, as you will get the name of the game on the block buster movies name. I was watching The Dark Knight last night and influenced by the film i went for the search through online pokies exactly with the name of movie. I was astonished to see a pokie game and without wasting any time I made the download of the full app. The review of this one was very impressive. If you would not have watched the movie you can begin to watch the full movie through online. One thing I would like to share with you all is that before making the start of any betting you should have the complete analysis and use the common sense while hitting symbols which appears in the active slots.

Discussing about the game, it provides you the facility of 243 ways of winning which will give you some credits and bonus in return if you perform well in the game. The theme of the game is dark and almost scary type and facilitates you with the minimum betting of 30 coins. There are many characters which are used up in this one such as the Batman and the Bane. There are many wild and scattered symbols which will make you to feel happy by making them arranged in particular fashion in the active slots.

For getting the option of free spins to get activated you need to trigger the wild symbols of 3, 4 or 5 which is the futuristic grenade and if once you trigger it you can enjoy and win a lot from the free spins. I was fortunate that I won many prizes and some amount of cash too. One thing I would like to share with the reader that never make it in the habit of making real money.

The Forgotten Land of Lemuria

There is the need of something which can make you to feel happy which may be either the passion of anything or may be the love life or the family. Beside the other two I have the passion of visiting the world of pokies at regular interval of time to make my spare time to pass in fruitful way. The game which I usually go for play is The Forgotten Land of Lemuria which is really one of the best one which I would have been played.

One thing which I liked about the world of pokies that it keeps the care and try to make the people aware of something which is getting extinct. The name of this has been inspired by an animal which are called as “lemurs of Madagascar” which are found on the island of Madagascar. This is the combination of five reels which will entertain you by its 243 ways of playing. The betting amount starts from $0.01 to $0.50 which attracts the people who want to wage with smaller amount.

As we see in case of many games of gambling the basic thing which you will have to do is to match the symbols from left to right in order to win. The symbols which are used in this one are traditional icons of the playing cards such as nine, ten, king, ace etc. For making larger win you will have to ahead in the rounds where you will get the animated icons of flowers, green crystals, crystal skulls and many more.

As we know that Lemuria is an imagined land where the designer have created the landscape on his own which is really very refreshing one. The interface is full of many two types of symbols which are wild and scattered symbols. The wild one are the water, fire and the earth and the scattered one is the peering eye which will help you to earn bonuses and gifts which will make you happy.

Spending a New Day with Loaded Pokies

Last year I was in Australia for attending a business seminar and for signing some business deals. My schedule was too much busy and I don’t have too much time for sight-seeing and other tasks related to vacations. But, you don’t know that what is going to happen with you on next day or in the next moment. My schedule was of 15 days and long and my all-important work was finished before the scheduled time. I got 2 days as a spare in which I don’t have anything to do. So, I talked to my trip manager for some spot visiting. But, the day on which I have to go for the visit, it was started raining from early morning. Due to which I was not able to go anywhere. So, I decided to spend my day inside my hotel room. I was aware of the so much groomed gambling industry of Australia. Throughout my visit, I heard about it at many points but not able to try it on my own. That day I had lots of time and nothing to do in that. So, I decided to check it on my own.

I opened my laptop and started searching regarding it with a coffee mug in my hand. I visited many websites and checked many games, but I was not getting that feeling of fun and enjoyment. So, I continued visiting more and more sites. My search stopped at a website where all my attention was caught by a game which had amazing graphics that was Loaded Pokies. So, I decided to play it on that particular day. The theme of that was based on the classical hip-hop artists. That was based on the classical style but for me that was new because I never played those classical ones. So, after getting all the required information I started playing it. I created a free account and got the free bonus according to the website norms. As I got the free bonus and so there was not any risk of losing the amount. I made my first bet and clicked the spin button. Now I started praying for the winning combination. But unfortunately I was not that much lucky on that day. But winning cash was not my main motive while playing. I continued playing for 2-3 hours and got the full enjoyment. Playing Loaded Pokies was best part of my trip apart from my business deals.

My passion for King Cashalot

I am fond of playing online fun. Whenever I get free time I used to spend it on internet. It started from the last few years. Once it was the summer vacation and I was going to a hill station. I had my friends with me. We had a lot of plans for the new place but due to an accident on the way. We had to stop our journey for the day. It was announced that, it will take a day to clear the jam on the road. So we hired a hotel room to stay for the night. I was getting bored there. So after the dinner I decided to try the online fun. When I was searching there were many websites related to my search. Then I found a website with a list of varieties that I can play and enjoy.

From that list, I found one which caught my attention more. It was the King Cashalot. It was so easy to play. In the start, they were providing me the free bonus to play it. It provides me the opportunity to win the jackpot. No other website had such kind of options and offers. So I started to play it. It is a five reels and nine pay lines game. It has different symbols that are scattered on the reel. This provides an easy way to get the winning combinations here. In the first round, I did not get good combinations. After that, I started to play it with its cash paid services. It also helps me to start with low cash. This time I try it and you cannot imagine I got a big bonus in the first round. Then at each spin I got a prize. I win cash prizes which I can use for further rounds or I can get it into my account.

I did not get the jackpot, but really I win cash that is sufficient for my trip. King Cashalot allows me to win a lot of prizes. It is an amazing experience with it. Now it is my passion for playing and win cash with it. I have won the jackpot too. It becomes so easy for me to get cash online. I get lots of fun and enjoy with it. I never forget to play it in my free time. Now my friends also join it when they get free time. They also enjoy a lot with it. So if you want to win cash online with a lot of fun just plays it and you will forget all.

My funny friend Kung Fu Monkey

I am a fan of martial arts. I have done training on it. So I exercise it daily. There are lots of things you can learn from it. But the main thing is that you have to follow the rules of learning. Once I had to go to London for attending the marriage party of my cousin. I reached there and I got a room in the hotel. After the party, I had to stay there for the night. But I was started feeling bored. So, I decided to search for some online fun. I found a website having many choices for fun and enjoy. Then one of them which attracted me most was Kung Fu monkey. I became so much excited after watching it. As I have told earlier that I am fond of this. I have already watched a Kung Fu movie. The theme is based on the film. I like the fighting style used in it.

So it become so easy for me to understand the techniques of playing it. Kung Fu monkey has different symbols that are scattered on the reels for the winning combinations. These symbols are the parts of the movie. You have to fight with the enemies to win this. Save yourself from attacks. As I know the fighting styles so I cleared the levels and win bonuses. The wild symbol in it is a monkey. I used the weapons provided to defeat the enemies. I win a lot of prizes with it. It also helps in getting the bonus prizes more easily. So I collect the coins with many bonus prizes. This helps me for winning the hard levels. I got the maximum coins and combinations of the wild symbols. So I become the jackpot winning player of that night. Really it is so nice and funny.

As I enjoy a lot and win prizes so I decide to send Kung Fu monkey’s link to my friends. They were watching the videos on YouTube at that time. But as soon as they got it they become so surprised. They started to play it. They forget to watch videos. It is so easy to play for a new user too. That is why it attracts everyone who first tries it. Till now I have won maximum jackpots. Really it is so fantastic. I always prefer it to play in my free times. So play it and enjoy the fight of Kung Fu.

Play Online Pokies Of Australia With No Deposit Bonus On Microgaming Games To Win Real Money

By the name of the game it would be quite clear that this is the name of a movie which was the mega hit during the time of release. If you would have not watched it then you can watch it through online and you will love the cast and the scenes. Impressed by the name of the movie I went for the visit of the game through online pokies. The success of any play can be understood on the basis of that it is the revised version from the previous one. This one is special edition with many features and many new ways of entertainment such as the soundtrack is really heart pleasing from the previous one.

Crafted by microgaming that offers Australian pokies with no deposit bonus, this slot is one of the most renowned and appreciated of all. and to play here you can start with the bonus codes or with the free spins to win real money in to your paypal account. these aussie pokies really gives tons of ways to win and have fun at the same time.

This play gives you enormous ways of winning which are about 243 in the regular spins which can go with the free spins of 1024. In this one winning is being decided when you make the hit of three icons consecutively in the active slots while the smaller win can be achieved through the symbols of diamonds, clubs, ace and hearts. The symbols of this one are the characters that are in the movie characterized in the movie. During the play of the contest you will feel that you are on some dirt bike ride with the leading actor of the movie and ending them at some place.

The graphics of this one will give you the remembrance of all the scenes which you would have watched in the film and the best thing which I liked of this one is the chase with the bike. If you are in Australia then you cannot stop yourself to go with the ride with terminator 2 and usually I enjoy it sitting in the bar. The background sound quality is out of the world which will not give you any moment to move your eye from the screen and winning rewards will overwhelm you.